fated to pretend

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the new song “Time to Pretend” by MGMT, who hail from Brooklyn, NY. I stumbled upon the song at DKI’s Myspace.

Their new album Oracular Spectacular comes out 22 January 2008 and they are opening for Yeasayer (whoaaaaaaaa!) at the Echo in Los Angeles on 26 January 2008.

The boys recently performed “Time to Pretend” on Letterman:

wet wings

hey kids, sorry for my long absence. i’ve been working a lot and haven’t had time to keep up with new music. anyone that knows me knows i’ve just been rocking daft punk non-stop.

dan deacon posted a new song on his myspace called “wet wings.” pretty cool! don’t forget to see him on his current tour. he will be in los angeles at the el rey, 15 january 2008.

i’m going to see vampire weekend tonight at the echo.

get skooled

GVB dropped a nice one on us today, plugging “Teenage Color” by the French electro-dream band College, remixed by Russ Chimes. Both the original and remix can be streamed on Myspace.

Perfect to wear your Wayfarers to, you little hipsters.

matthew dear’s big hands

Show alert! Matthew Dear, the Detroit-based electronic musician, will be rocking the Echo tonight in Los Angeles with his band Big Hands (John Gaviglio and Mark Maynard).

I suggest you hit up his Myspace today, play “Noiser” and get your freak on. I just did, so, you know…


UPDATE – If anyone actually attended this show based on my recommendation (yeah right), I owe you two drinks. Damn, this show sucked. I never intended to use this blog for player-hating, but this show was terrible. I can’t believe the cover was $12. Dear bitched at the sound mixer several times in front of everyone, his set was only about 40 minutes, and the set itself just never went anywhere. Thanks for phoning us in.

see these bones

Nada Surf is back! They’ve posted an excellent new song on their Myspace called “See These Bones,” from their upcoming album Lucky, to be released 5 February 2008. They also just kicked off their US tour this weekend, let’s hope they make it to Los Angeles some time soon.


Also – the Fork has a clever review of the new Radiohead album today.

junkie xxxl

Enough with the Radiohead posts! Get yr freak on with yet another electroclash act from Brooklyn, The Junkies. I first heard their song “Toys” and was hooked. The other songs on their Myspace are equally fun – “All Girls Wanna Be Me,” “Ask for More” and “Sex Suicide.” Buy their album Anthem Style Punk Kids here.

Happy Friday! See some live music and drink plenty.


One more tidbit to close out In Rainbows week: Stereogum has the official artwork here. Personally I like the fan-made pony version better, but hey…

more friggin rainbows

The bonus disc for In Rainbows hasn’t dropped yet, but here are six live versions of the songs reportedly on it.

(Thanks to Pull My Item and Uncle Sam.)

in rainbows

What else is there to talk about today? Enjoy. (Link will expire two weeks from today.)

P.S. Please see Justice live if you can! I heard they will be playing in a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles for New Year’s Eve. Be there.

i like them book-reading girls

So apparently I’m way late for the Calvin Harris train, but better late than never. My current repeat track is “The Girls” by UK electroclash producer Calvin Harris. It’s off the album I Created Disco, and you can rock it on his Myspace.

I like them video-directing girls:

I’m gonna go read a book now. Nah, fuggit, I’m gonna read a music blog.

read a book!






This was made earlier this year by Bomani Armah, a performance artist and poet.

(Thanks to DKIzzle for the tip.)